Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day, including the single people of Essex. Just a tip for Valentines day always make reservations or you will be angry and hungry while you wait, possibly even in the cold, watching others eat before you. At the same time your date will look at you with an angry scowl, and need I say waiting in line isn't that romantic, or the deaded "I told you so." Anyway, for Valentines Day I took my girlfriend to Kobe's in White Marsh. Currently I am on a restricted diet, and regardless of that we love to go out for sushi. I may put up pictures, the food was delicious. We had to travel past the mob to get seated. Everybody was coming to Kobe's for their hot food and waited forever. Hence the earlier comments. We got to watch them as our added entertainment to our meal. So in short, make reservations or face the consequences. If you don't make reservations, make some food at home or be prepaired to wait. PRO TIP: Kobe's allows self seating in Sushi area with no reservations. So if you want food, don't want to wait, don't want to cook, and forgot to make reservations. There's your out. Enough Redundancy, I think the lesson is taken in. Happy Valentines Day everyone, hopefully you had a good one.

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